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Friday - May 18, 2012 12:52 am
Ashfield District Council's fleet of Scarab road sweepers grow to 8 Vehicles
Ashfield District Council continue their long association with Scarab Sweepers and have recently took delivery of four Scarab Minors the compact road sweeper will work alongside the four truck mounted Scarab Magnums previously supplied.
David White transport Manager commented “We chose the Scarab Minor for its flexibility it gives us the ability to work in a variation of environments, it is equally at home sweeping in a residential area as well as working in the outlying areas. “
Ashfields Scarab Minors are all fitted with CANbus 3 technology, along with Air conditioning and Rear Camera.  As standard it meets the latest engine emission criteria and will help the Authority reduce its carbon output along with this the Minor also exceeds the PM10 particulate emission criteria, something which all Scarab’s have complied with since its inception.
David also commented  “ The Scarab minor we had on demonstration proved very robust and will work alongside the other Scarab truck mounted sweepers hand in hand , once we had the Minor on demo no other sweeper matched its performance or versatility the decision was simple. " 

Scarab are proud to have been selling our products to Ashfield for 17 years which we think say's alot about our products and aftersales support.

David White Transport Manager alongside Mark Fellows of Scarab Sweepers and the fleet of new Scarab Minor road sweepers
David White Transport Manager and Mark Fellows Regional Sales Manager for Scarab Sweepers pictured with the new Scarab Minors.

Wednesday - May 16, 2012 5:03 am
IFAT, Munich a great success for Scarab Sweepers & the Fayat sweeping division.
Scarab Sweepers would like to thank all those who attended and visited us at the Fayat stand for this years IFAT exhibition in Munich, the show was a great success for both us and the Fayat Sweeping Division which includes Mathieu & Ravo.  

In addition to the two Scarab road sweepers on the Fayat stand, Scarab had a further 5 road sweepers across the showground. The week long exhibition was supported by a good number of our existing dealer network, some of whom brough customers to see the people and products on show.
It was encouraging for our Distributors, Walter and Co from Germany and Kehrtec who represent Scarab in Austria and Liechtenstein, both of whom had invested in their own exhibition stands and attracted a number of useful new contacts for their territories.
This event is held every two years and is widely acknowledged as the premier exhibition within Europe and it was the first time that Scarab, Mathieu and Ravo came together under our new common branding.

Thank's to all Scarab employees involved in producing the Scarab machines and supporting material recently shown at IFAT. Many of whom put in extra hours to help represent the Scarab brand.

Scarab Magnum road sweeper at IFAT, Munich 2012Scarab Road Sweepers IFAT 2012

Scarab Magnum Titanium on the Walter Stand at IFAT 2012Kehrtec Stand at IFAT 2012
Sunday - May 13, 2012 10:33 pm
Bath & North East Somerset new Scarab Road Sweeper

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Radstock Depot is home to a new Scarab Minor, which considering the areas long proud history of mining seems very appropriate and joins a Scarab Merlin XP already in service there. Area Manager for the Council, Wayne Honey ensured that his operators all had a significant voice in choosing the right machine for the job and influencing the specification too.
Able to travel at up to 40 mph, the Minor easily copes with the large distances required of the machine as it works mainly in the Keynsham district, some considerable distance from the Radstock Depot and is equipped with high discharge to enable tipping into skips. A rear vision camera makes discharging the hopper a straightforward task and with the added bonus of high pressure wash, on site cleaning can also be carried out with ease.

The main driver, Pete Brown commented that the Scarab road sweeper was ideal for his needs, loving the “sweeping performance and easiness of maintenance” and being “glad that Wayne “allowed him to have such a big say in choosing his new machine”.

Thursday - May 10, 2012 11:57 pm
Enfield put two Merlins in the starting blocks

Enfield Council have recently taken delivery of two new Scarab Merlin Xp hydrostatic sweepers Mounted on Daf 45 7.5t chassis.  The two new vehicles will be replacing a 15 tonne sweeper from another manufacturer.  The reasons for doing this include increased resilience within the service, improved flexibility as the service no longer requires an HGV qualified driver and improved support to residential sweeping teams operating across the borough.

These well specified Scarab Merlin Xp’s  will fit into Enfield Council’s current fleet very well, by offering  heavy truck mount performance, with the manoeuvrability of a smaller machine.  Environmental wins are an added feature of the Merlin Xp, the sweeper offers to Enfield lower fuel consumption and a reduced Co2 output, when compared to the previous twin engine machine.

David Coventry, Street Scene Section Manager said, we are very pleased with our new Scarab Merlin sweepers, they will offer real improvements to the service in a way that our residents will recognise a difference, like any business improving customer satisfaction,  in this case our residents,  is key to our success.  Our staff feel at home in the sweeper and the machines, procured within a competive market, have arrived at a time when we need to ensure that all of London is looking at it’s best for the Olympics.

The two Scarab Merlin Xps, pictured below include duel sweep, high pressure wash, cctv camera system and an extra side locker to aid storage.  Drivers feel the benefits of “home comforts” whilst at work within a package that offers attention to detail, in the sweepers design, in build quality and in subsequent performance which when taken as a package guarantees an excellent tool for the trade.

Enfield Road Sweepers


Friday - May 4, 2012 5:08 am

Scarab Sweepers at IFAT ENTSORGA 7-11th May 2012


HALL C32 - 427 / 528

Wednesday - May 2, 2012 3:14 am
Kehrtec our Swiss agent handover Scarab Mistral to Lüpold (Switzerland)
Last Saturday Lüpold had the official hand over for their new Scarab Mistral along with other new machines, Kehrtec our Swiss Distributor took the photo below showing a oompah band in front of their new vehicle. 

All Lüpold vehicles are carefully handpainted with the vehicles driver having a direct input on how they would like their new vehicles graphics to look.
Scarab Mistral road sweeper hand painted

 The pictures shows Roland with his „Holstuonar Bläsern“ handing over the Sweeper to Lüpold. Lüpold always invites his customers and organises a big event for hand overs. The musicians played as a present to the Lüpold company.
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