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road sweeper technician training course

After Sales - Technician Training Courses

Scarab Sweepers training courses are aimed at providing your technicians with the skills and confidence to correctly service, adjust and repair your Scarab, Mathieu and Ravo products. Having the correct training and knowledge will reduce vehicle downtime and increase efficiency. The numbers per training session are limited to eight delegates this enables us to deliver training of the highest quality and ensures maximum benefit from the sessions.


Scarab provides a range of standard courses run to a fixed itinerary listed below, but we can also provide bespoke courses to your specialist requirements.


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One Day intensive course being mainly classroom based, but with sufficient time to see the system fitted in position on various models of sweeper.


This Course is designed for service technicians with good electrical skills and covers both Minor and Truck Mount machines. It aims to give deligates a clear understanding of how the CANbus 3 system works, allowing them to competently diagnose and repair electrical faults






Three Day course combining classroom study with practical workshop exercises.


This is a challenging course for competent service technicians who have a working knowledge of hydraulic and electrical systems.


Delegates completing this course will gain a full understanding of the hydrostatic drive system, as well as all the sweeping equipment. They will be able to identify component parts and have the knowledge to both maintain and carry out repairs in a safe and efficient manner.

Hydrostatic Truck-Mount


Three Day course combining classroom study with practical

Delegates would benefit from previous hydraulic and electrical

This course is for experienced service technicians and will equip
them with the knowledge to competently service and maintain a
hydrostatically driven truck mounted sweeper. It aims to cover all
the hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic systems employed on the
sweeper. On completion delegates will be able to identify service and
repair component parts.



Two Day course combining classroom study with practical workshop

Designed for service technicians this course will develop their
understanding of the hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic system used
on the sweeper. Delegates will be encouraged to partake in exercises
throughout the day which will help their fault diagnosis skills as well
as demonstrate the correct service and maintenance of component





M65T/ M6


Two Day course with ample time for both classroom study and
practical workshop exercises.

With this being predominantly an export model the course has been
designed for technicians from around the globe who may not have
English as a first language. Delegates will gain an understanding
of the hydraulic, electric and pneumatic systems enabling them to
undertake maintenance and repairs in an efficient manner.


MC210 / Azura / Aquazura


Two Day course combining class room study with practical workshop

Delegates completing this course will be able to identify, service
and repair component parts and maintain machines in an efficient
manner. This is an in-depth course for experienced service technicians
who already possess a good understanding of hydraulic and electrical
circuits, and are able to navigate schematic drawings.




One Day course which combines class room study with practical
workshop demonstrations. Whilst some previous knowledge of road
sweepers is preferable it is not essential.

The course is designed for supervisors and cleansing managers to
give them a better understanding of sweeper operations, regular
service and maintenance. With a greater understanding of a road
sweeper’s capabilities and limitations, managers are then able to plan
their workload better to reduce their downtime and increase their


Operator Instruction


One Day course aimed at sweeper operators / drivers, usually taking
place at your own premises and with your own equipment.


Whilst it may appear that sweeping is a simple operation, in truth the
modern road-sweeper is a complex mix of hydraulics, electronics
and mechanical components requiring guidance in order that your
operators get the best out of their machines.
Generally, the duration of the instruction course is six to eight hours,
where approximately four hours is required for the introduction
of the machine. Thereafter the time may vary, depending on the
ability of the candidate, where he or she has to acquire ‘hands on’

Operator Instruction Courses are arranged on request and a
Certificate of Attendance for the Scarab Sweeping Course will be
issued to each candidate.

Other courses available include:
Management Awareness
Train the Trainer
Familiarisation Training.





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