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From everyday street cleansing, building sites, quarrys, airports and road construction our wide range of road sweepers and street cleansing equipment can be found making a difference to peoples daily environment.


Scarab Minor - Compact Sweeper 3.5 TonneSCARAB M25H - ROAD SWEEPER


Chassis 3.5 & 4.2 Tonne GVW

2 Brushes as Standard

Hopper Capacity 2.5 M3

450 litre water tank

Low Pressure Water System as Standard.

CANbus 3.1 Control and Diagnostic System


pdfScarab M25H Parts Book

pdfScarab M25H Operators Manual


Scarab Azura - Compact SweeperSCARAB AZURA MC210 - COMPACT ROAD SWEEPER


Chassis 5.0 Tonne GVW

2 x Front Brush with Versatile Variable Positioning

Euro 6 & Tier IV Engines Available




pdfScarab Azura MC210 Brochure


pdfScarab Azura Technical Specifications




Chassis 7.5 Tonne
Hopper Capacity - Gross 5.5m3 - Nett 4.7m3

Water Tank 900 Litres


pdfScarab Merlin XP Parts Book

pdfScarab Merlin XP Operators Manual

Scarab Merlin Road Sweeper - 10 to 15 Tonne GVWSCARAB MERLIN - ROAD SWEEPER


Chassis 10 - 15 Tonne
Hopper Capacity - Gross 6.2m3 - Nett 5.5m3

Water Tank 900 Litres (1250 Litre Option)


pdfScarab Merlin Parts Book

pdfScarab Merlin Operators Manual

Scarab Magnum Road Sweeper - 13 to 17 Tonne GVWSCARAB MAGNUM - ROAD SWEEPER


Chassis 15 - 18+ Tonne Street Sweeper
Hopper Capacity - Gross 7.2 m3 - Nett 6.5 m3

Water Tank 1800 Litres (2500 Litre Option)


pdfScarab Magnum Parts Book

pdfScarab Magnum Operators Manual

Scarab Magnum Plus Road Sweeper - 17 to 19 Tonne GVWSCARAB MAGNUM PLUS TITANIUM - ROAD SWEEPER


Chassis 18+ Tonne Street Sweeper
Hopper Capacity - Gross 8.2 m3 - Nett 7.5m3

Water Tank 1800 Litres (2500 to 4000 Litre Option)


pdfScarab Magnum Plus Parts Book

pdfScarab Magnum Plus Operators Manual

Scarab Mistral Road Sweeper - Twin Drive 13 to 19 TonneSCARAB MISTRAL - SKID UNIT AUSTRALIA ONLY


Chassis 12 to 18+ Tonne
Twin Engine Street Sweeper

A choice of Hopper Capacities depending on chassis

Hopper Gross 6.2 m3 - 7.2 m3 - 8.2 m3


pdfScarab Mistral Parts Book

pdfScarab Mistral Operators Manual

Scarab M6 Road Sweeper - Twin Drive - 10 - 17 Tonne GVWSCARAB M65T - ROAD SWEEPER


Built on a Chassis of your choice: 12 to 18 Tonne
Twin Engine Street Sweeper (Deutz)

Available as Skid Mount

Hopper Gross 6.5 m3


pdfScarab M65T Parts Book

pdfScarab M65T Operators Manual


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