1979: Scarab Sweepers Founded
1980: The Scarab MK.1 mechanical road sweeper with donkey engine introduced. A lombardini engine was used to power hydraulics.

1984: The Scarab Minor based on the Multicar M25 chassis was introduced.

1988: The Scarab Major 3000 our first Single-engine hydrostatic truck-mounted sweeper.

1991: The Scarab "Hydrostatic" Minor was introduced with Ford Engine and Ford Running Gear on a Scarab Chassis.

1992: The Scarab Major 7000 introduced on DAF 50 Chassis.

1993: By now the Major products were built on a wide choice of chassis - Iveco, Daf, Volvo, Mercedes etc

1996: The Scarab Euro Minor was launched. Now using a VW Diesel engine to power the sweeper and sweep gear.

1997: The Scarab Unidrive models were launched known as the Scarab Maxim

1999: The Scarab Monic was launched, a sweeper built on a Isuzu chassis.

1999: The Scarab Merlin and Magnum range were introduced with redesigned hopper for better suction and performance.

2001: The Scarab Minor Hydrostatic now fitted with a Euro 3 VM engine along with simplified hydraulics.

2001: The Scarab Magnum Plus was launched, our largest sweeper with options such as rear suction nozzles.

2003: The Scarab Mistral - auxiliary engine sweeper launched.

2003: CANbus was introduced to the truck-mount range of sweepers.

2006: Scarab M6 Skid Mountable road sweeper goes in to production.

2010: CANbus 3 Launched

2011: Fayat now a major shareholder

2013: Scarab Magnum Titanium model released

2014: Epoke Winter Maintenance Equipment now offered by Scarab

2015: The Scarab M25H a major redesign based on the Scarab Minor.

2015: The Scarab M65T Twin Drive Truck Mounted Road Sweeper


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