Scarab Aquazura brush and dry


4.5 Tonne Eco Friendly Scrubbing Drying Vehicle


The quiet and stylish Aquazura MC 200 has been created to provide a high efficiency total surface cleaning solution whilst still respecting the environment within which it works. The Aquazura MC 200 cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, soaping, scrubbing, recovery and recycling of the waste water. All these actions combined into one machine ensure that the Aquazura MC 200 is unrivalled in its abilities.

This Eco-Washing technology is capable of treating all types of surfaces using its non-aggressive process and with its low noise and exhaust emissions ensures it is a truly 'clean machine'.

With a wide range of applications, such as pavements, pedestrian zones, historical centres, parking areas, airports, etc. the Aquazura MC 200 proves itself to be an extremely versatile machine.

It Blends into the Environment

A quiet machine that is respectful of the most demanding environmental requirements.

The AQUAZURA MC 200 eliminates the problems of ‘water splash’ over pedestrians and shop fronts and can therefore be put into operation at anytime of day. The perfect solution to the undesirable daily soiling often encountered in city centres.

A Treatment for all types of Surface

Whether it be Block or Slab paving, Asphalt, Natural Stone, Marble, Granite or Concrete and irrespective if the joints are plain, sand or cement.

More than just a Washer, it is capable of scouring, degreasing, deodorizing, disinfecting and rejuvenating surfaces with a deep but gentle action, restoring the original finish and creating a cleaner world in a single pass.

High Output

The 5 brushes (3 fixed brushes and 2 width adjustable) allow for a working width up to 2100 mm. With a clean water capacity of 1000 litres and low water consumption (6 times less than a conventional washer) combined with filtering and re-use of the collected water, the AQUAZURA MC 200 can achieve an uninterrupted working time cycle of up to 4 hours dependant on the surface being treated.

The Water Detergent Mix

The Aquazuras scrubbing action and the simultaneous recollection of the waste water allows a
deep cleansing action of surfaces that are contaminated with grease and littered with solid waste. The combination of a powerful suction fan from a road sweeper, coupled with a 250 mm diameter suction tube, not only allows the collection of any solid or liquid waste but also to obtain a virtually dry floor.

Aquazuras 5 Brush Scrubbing Head



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