Scarab Azura Flex a multifunction compact vehicle

The Scarab Azura Flex

A Compact 5-in-1 tool.
Sweeper - Washer - Scrubber - Weed Clearance - Winter Maintenance


The AZURA FLEX is the product of 18 years of experience and development. Much more than a traditional sweeper, it is a 5-attachment tool for the cleaning and maintenance of city centres. In less than 5 minutes and with a single hand movement by the operator, it can be switched between its various functions: sweeping, washing, scrubbing, weed clearance and winter maintenance.

Epoke spreader

A Epoke 250 litre salt / sand spreader Available as either a drop or distribution spread type. A control module in the cab is used to regulate the amount of material released.

Snow Removal Brush

A snow removal brush
Fitted at the front of the AZURA FLEX, the brush can
be used complementary to the spreader to ensure effective and thorough sweeping of roads and

Snow Plough

Robust construction and easy operation with hydraulicleft and right angle adjustment of the plough from inside
the cab makes snow clearing an easy task.


A pushed and pulled sweeping system with the brushes mounted on rotary cylinders - a patented technology - the operating possibilities are greatly increased, giving a sweep width of up to 2.45 metres.

Brush and Scrub Unit

Three brushes combined with a waste-water collection system, enable cleaning of any type of porous or smooth paving surface (interlocking paving stones, marble, natural stone, etc.)

Washing Kit

A washing kit comprising a high-pressure pump, detachable front spray bar, autoretracting hose-reel and hand-lance for
manual washing operations in difficult areas.

Third Brush

A robust and effective third brush increases sweeping performance: ideal for
mechanical weed removal and increasing the efficiency and speed of clearing heavily soiled areas.

600 Litre Water

A 600 litre clean water reservoir cleverly incorporated in the hopper walls will further extend the working cycle.

A weed cutting function , the powerful third brush can be added and used to enlarge its sweeping path of up to 2.70 metres or to cut weeds without the use of chemicals.

EUnited PM10 Municipal Equipment Rating



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