Scarab Magnum Plus roadsweeper

The Magnum Plus Titanium Road Sweeper

18-19 Tonne + Single Engine Technology for a Cleaner World.

The Magnum Plus Titanium is the Scarab Flagship sweeper. With its class-leading, powerful suction, high specification and rugged build it is suited for all civil works and specialist applications including airport runway and aprons, milling work, high pressure surface cleaning and glycol removal.

The Scarab Magnum Plus is Designed and built by Scarab in the UK which can then be further enhanced by our specialised dealer Walter in Germany with additional ‘Titanium’ options.

The Magnum Plus can be mounted on a chassis of your choice in the range of 18 to 19 tonnes. Combined with Scarab’s renowned hydrostatic drive system and our simple to use CANbus control and diagnostics system make the Magnum Plus a versatile machine with incredible suction power, excellent endurance and a host of options to suit your requirements.

Titanium Options
The Titanium’s options are vast but include a 2.5 metre full-width suction nozzle system mounted to the rear of the vehicle coupled with the high pressure water systems ensures efficient cleaning of any road surface, additionally a fully articulating spraybar controlled from within the cab to slew left to right as well as raise and lower. Many brush options are available including front brushes for sweeping or weed-ripping as well as an optional auxiliary channel brush with extended reach. For a full list of Titanium specialist options please contact our sales team.



Scarab can justifiably claim to be the champion behind the modernday success of the truck-mounted sweeper powered from a Single Engine.
Operating the whole machine from the engine of the truck chassis provides many advantages, for example:

• Less fuel consumption
• Lower noise
• Lower engine emissions
• Less maintenance & downtime • Greater payload
• Hydrostatic or Unidrive

Hydrostatic roadsweeper

A Scarab designed hydrostatic gearbox is installed in the chassis driveline to exactly suit any customers’ chassis and application. Hydrostatic drive, plus a simple joystick control for Forward and Reverse, allows single-pedal control reducing fatigue and enabling the driver to fully concentrate on sweeping.

EUnited PM10 Municipal Equipment Rating


CANbus3 logo

Scarab’s CANbus control system has revolutionised the way sweepers are operated and maintained.
Intuitive controls and a conveniently positioned colour monitor provide comprehensive levels of feedback to both operating and service personnel.

A graphical display indicates the sweeping configuration and conditions of the vehicle systems including warnings and regular service reminders. Real-time monitoring and datalogging provides valuable assistance in resolving problems and achieving optimum machine performance.

Scarab CANbus includes universal connectors for fitment of Global positioning System (GPS) and the option of real-time data via telematic up-link.

CANbus3 control panel

A conveniently positioned colour monitor displays operating information in graphical form and enables the driver and service personnel to scroll through a number of screens to display and adjust vehicle set-up.

Standard Magnum Titanium Features:

Euro 6 Compatible Sweepers

Standard Specification 18/19 Tonne Chassis 10,000 kg
TYPICAL DIMENSIONAL DATA (Based on Typical 18 tonne chassis)
Length Overall 6500 mm - 7500 mm
Wheelbase 3600 mm - 4300 mm
Width Overall 2500 mm
Overall Height Hopper Down 3300 mm
Overall Height Hopper Up 5100 mm
Hopper Volume Gross Capacity 8.2 m3 Nett Payload Capacity 7.5 m3
Water Tank 4000 Litre Standard  



Magnum Titanium Video

Titanium roadsweeper video


pdf*Scarab Magnum Plus Parts Book

pdf*Scarab Magnum Hydrostatic Operators Manual


* Current Manuals see Archive for older models.


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