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Mathieu has always followed a French manufacturing tradition of quality and inventiveness. Today more than ever, Mathieu is devoting all its forces to designing cleaning vehicles with resolutely modern lines that are contributing to a feeling of well being in urban spaces.

+ De design fonctionnel

Take a look and admire the powerful, stylish front face, embellished with two round full LED day and night headlights. We've thought through every aspect to provide better comfort and safety by making every space, contribute to visibility.

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The power of this new compact sweeper is hinted at by the many features fully integrated on the rear face, such as the square LED lights, the water filling and cleaning functions and the wanderhose located in the rear door compartment.

Its exclusive character is apparent in the quality of all its finishes and the choice of materials, such as the removable tank trim and anthracite grey water and fuel tanks.

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From every angle, the MC110 displays a modern temperament with a perfect balance between the cab, the waste hopper and the large 14" wheels with their black rims.

The compact MC110 sweeper, has been designed to offer you an ultra-compact architecture combined with great manoeuvrability for collecting waste in the narrowest parts of your public areas; pavements, pedestrian areas, car parks, retail parks, etc.



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At the wheel, you are in complete control of your environment, with the high up position giving unparalleled visibility through an extra-low windscreen, glass panelled doors with thin door beams, panoramic rear view mirrors, rear view quarter-panels, a nozzle camera and reversing camera.


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An all-encompassing interior

Sit down at the wheel and take in the highly ergonomic and spacious driving position, designed for all body shapes thanks to the generously proportioned cab and a wide range of seat and steering column settings together with the right handside armrest containing all the vehicle functions.

Designed all out for on-board comfort

You can now perform your sweeping tasks in a firstclass environment thanks to the quality of the control equipment and a 7" multi-function screen head-up display. Standard features include climate control air conditioning, a reversing camera and a nozzle camera, a suspended driver seat with multiple settings and 2-point seatbelts and headrest, an MP3-SD-USB Bluetooth radio with hands-free kit, a 12V socket with smartphone compartment and a drink holder.


The Mathieu MC110 offers you onboard technology to make life simpler

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A 7’’ head-up colour screen with quality and intuitive graphics offering numerous services:

  • Real-time monitoring of active functions,
  • Log book to access useful operational data (hours worked, distances travelled, average consumption, etc.),
  • An integrated diagnostic help tool,
  • A function to extract operational data and to update via USB stick,
  • A PDF-file reader.

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Work controls combined into a single point

On the right armrest you'll find the intuitive work controls managed by CANbus. A keypad with short press backlit buttons, each one dedicated to a function, symbolised by an icon and colour code, together with a joystick for controlling the brushes with precision and freedom.


The Mathieu MC110 sweeper offers many attributes. Nimble and compact, it can negotiate narrow streets with great agility. Articulated and with a tiny 1.80 m approx. turning radius, it can virtually turn on the spot.

And with a height of less than 2 m, it's the ideal sweeper for underground car parks. Its two-brush pushed sweeping system with wide side and front swing gives it even greater agility for cleaning 90° corners and around urban amenities.


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Excellence is apparent in the details

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With a 25 km/h forward speed, dynamic brake system, an authorized gross vehicle weight of 2400 kg, a payload of 500 kg, a 700 l stainless steel waste hopper, large diameter 14" wheels, oscillating suspension on each wheel, a voracious appetite for waste, a water recycling and suction fan grid cleaning system as standard, the MATHIEU MC 110 leaves nothing to chance and offers you optimum performance for optimum satisfaction.

Last generation clean engines

The new MC 110 offers two engines, diesel or petrol, powerful at low speed and respectful to the environment.

Moteur essence ok

1.6 L Petrol KUBOTA

Power (kW at rpm) 35 at 3000

Number of cylinders 4

Emission level EPA Tier 2 / Carb Tier 3

Moteur diesel ok

1.5 L Diesel KUBOTA

Power (kW at rpm) 26.2 at 3000

Number of cylinders 4

Emission level Stage IIIA / Tier 4 Interim


The Mathieu MC 110 is designed for today with tomorrow in mind.

An eco-efficient working mode

The MC 110 has three pre-defined working speeds that handle the different sweeping tasks which the operator encounters daily: an EcoMode, a standard mode and a BoostMode limited to 10 minutes of use. 80% of common sweeping tasks are handled with EcoMode.

Prefering to use this working mode gives you up to 50% fuel savings, less noise pollution and preserves the lifetime of your sweeper.



A reduction in clean water consumption

Achieved by a water recycling system that re-injects used water from the hopper into the suction nozzle added to a precise amount of clean water sprayed on to the brushes and on to the nozzle.


Low particulate emission into the air

3 stars in the PM10 test, the highest score.


High end of life recyclability

The mechanical components are composed of 90% steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper and glass and are entirely recyclable. The plastic parts are processed by specialists.


A low level of C02 emission

Through the use of low speed diesel and petrol
power units and activation of EcoMode at the start
of each work cycle.

DB MC 110

Low level of noise pollution

Thanks to the use of effi-silence technology, reduced noise
power units and quality soundproofing materials, the
acoustic power and pressure level of the sweeper has been reduced.


ISO 14001 certification

This means you're sure of choosing a brand
dedicated to protecting the environment.

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