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The Scarab Operator Instruction package is designed to encompass all aspects of machine operation, operator maintenance, theory of machine operation, settings and brush selection for varying applications, health and safety of both the operator, his colleagues, the general public and third party property.

This service is delivered by one of our six instructors employed by Scarab. They also have to attend regular seminars to ensure they are conversant with product development and are regularly monitored to ensure a consistent standard.

The operator instruction is endorsed with the Scarab Operator checklist that the candidate signs on completion of the training, stating he/she understands fully the requirements expected of him/her. A copy of this completed document is kept on file at Scarab should it be necessary to refer to in the future. Candidates are issued with a certificate confirming the type of machine the training was carried out on.

The time taken to complete the instruction will vary depending on the aptitude of the selected candidate, but bearing in mind the operator will be expected to achieve best value whilst operating in close proximity to the public at large, consideration must be given by the employer as to his/her suitability.

Every effort is made by Scarab to undertake instruction to the highest possible level to ensure customers obtain the best cost effective use from our products. However Scarab cannot be held responsible for any further 'in house' instruction delivered by anyone other than official Scarab personnel.


Operator Instruction


One Day course aimed at sweeper operators / drivers, usually taking place at your own premises and with your own equipment.

Whilst it may appear that sweeping is a simple operation, in truth the modern road-sweeper is a complex mix of hydraulics, electronics and mechanical components requiring guidance in order that your operators get the best out of their machines.

Generally, the duration of the instruction course is six to eight hours, where approximately four hours is required for the introduction of the machine. Thereafter the time may vary, depending on the ability of the candidate, where he or she has to acquire ‘hands on’ experience.

Operator Instruction Courses are arranged on request and a Certificate of Attendance for the Scarab Sweeping Course will be issued to each candidate.

Contact Tony Lawrence for more information or to book the Operator course

Tel:     01622 834514

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